v3.1.0 (2023/08/21)

  • Add support for using a subdirectory of MEDIA_ROOT for file fields
  • Remove pypy from tox tests

v3.0.0 (2023/07/27)

  • Refactor database backend Backward incompatible changes: remove 'constance.backends.database' from INSTALLED_APPS
  • Dropped support for python < 3.7 and django < 3.2
  • Example app now supports django 4.1
  • Add support for django 4.2
  • Forward the request when saving the admin changelist form

v2.9.1 (2022/08/11)

  • Add support for gettext in fieldset headers
  • Add support for Django 4.1
  • Fix text format for MultiValueField usage

v2.9.0 (2022/03/11)

  • Added arabic translation
  • Add concrete_model class attribute to fake admin model
  • Added tests for django 3.2
  • Fix do not detect datetime fields as date type
  • Added support for python 3.10
  • Fixes for Ukrainian locale
  • Added documentation for constance_dbs config
  • Add caching redis backend
  • Serialize according to widget
  • Add default_auto_field to database backend

v2.8.0 (2020/11/19)

  • Prevent reset to default for file field
  • Fields_list can be a dictionary, when a fieldset is defined as collapsible
  • Create and add fa language translations files
  • Respect other classes added by admin templates
  • Removed deprecated url()
  • Use gettext_lazy instead of ugettext_lazy
  • Updated python and django version support

v2.7.0 (2020/06/22)

  • Deleted south migrations
  • Improve grammar of documentation index file
  • Simplify documentation installation section
  • Fix IntegrityError after 2.5.0 release (Allow concurrent calls to DatabaseBackend.set() method)
  • Make groups of fieldsets collapsable
  • Allow override_config for pytest
  • Put back wheel generation in travis
  • Fix wrong “is modified” in admin for multi line strings
  • Switch md5 to sha256
  • Fix Attempts to change config values fail silently and appear to succeed when user does not have change permissions
  • Make constance app verbose name translatable
  • Update example project for Django>2
  • Add anchors in admin for constance settings
  • Added a sticky footer in django constance admin
  • Add memory backend
  • Added Ukrainian locale
  • Added lazy checks for pytest

v2.6.0 (2020/01/29)

  • Drop support py<3.5 django<2.2
  • Set pickle protocol version for the Redis backend
  • Add a command to delete stale records

v2.5.0 (2019/12/23)

  • Made results table responsive for Django 2 admin
  • Add a Django system check that CONFIG_FIELDSETS accounts for all of CONFIG
  • Rewrite set() method of database backend to reduce number of queries
  • Fixed “can’t compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes” when USE_TZ = True
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Django 3.0 due to django.utils.six
  • Add Turkish language

v2.4.0 (2019/03/16)

  • Show not existing fields in field_list
  • Drop Django<1.11 and 2.0, fix tests vs Django 2.2b
  • Fixed “Reset to default” button with constants whose name contains a space
  • Use default_storage to save file
  • Allow null & blank for PickleField
  • Removed Python 3.4 since is not longer supported

v2.3.1 (2018/09/20)

  • Fixes javascript typo.

v2.3.0 (2018/09/13)

  • Added zh_Hans translation.
  • Fixed TestAdmin.test_linebreaks() due to linebreaksbr() behavior change on Django 2.1
  • Improved chinese translation
  • Fix bug of can’t change permission chang_config’s name
  • Improve consistency of reset value handling for date
  • Drop support for Python 3.3
  • Added official Django 2.0 support.
  • Added support for Django 2.1

v2.2.0 (2018/03/23)

  • Fix ConstanceForm validation.
  • CONSTANCE_DBS setting for directing constance permissions/content_type settings to certain DBs only.
  • Added config labels.
  • Updated italian translations.
  • Fix CONSTANCE_CONFIG_FIELDSETS mismatch issue.

v2.1.0 (2018/02/07)

  • Move inline JavaScript to constance.js.
  • Remove translation from the app name.
  • Added file uploads.
  • Update information on template context processors.
  • Allow running set while database is not created.
  • Moved inline css/javascripts out to their own files.
  • Add French translations.
  • Add testing for all supported Python and Django versions.
  • Preserve sorting from fieldset config.
  • Added datetime.timedelta support.
  • Added Estonian translations.
  • Account for server timezone for Date object.

v2.0.0 (2017/02/17)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Added the old value to the config_updated signal.
  • Added a get_changelist_form hook in the ModelAdmin.
  • Fix create_perm in to use database alias given by the post_migrate signal.
  • Added tests for django 1.11.
  • Fix Reset to default to work with boolean/checkboxes.
  • Fix handling of MultiValueField’s (eg SplitDateTimeField) on the command line.

v1.3.4 (2016/12/23)

  • Fix config ordering issue
  • Added localize to check modified flag
  • Allow to rename Constance in Admin
  • Preserve line breaks in default value
  • Added functionality from django-constance-cli
  • Added “Reset to default” feature

v1.3.3 (2016/09/17)

  • Revert broken release

v1.3.2 (2016/09/17)

  • Fixes a bug where the signal was sent for fields without changes

v1.3.1 (2016/09/15)

  • Improved the signal path to avoid import errors
  • Improved the admin layout when using fieldsets

v1.3 (2016/09/14)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Dropped support for Django < 1.8).
  • Added ordering constance fields using OrderedDict
  • Added a signal when updating constance fields

v1.2.1 (2016/09/1)

  • Added some fixes to small bugs
  • Fix cache when key changes
  • Upgrade django_redis connection string
  • Autofill cache key if key is missing
  • Added support for fieldsets

v1.2 (2016/05/14)

  • Custom Fields were added as a new feature
  • Added documentation on how to use Custom settings form
  • Improved documentation for CONSTANCE_ADDITIONAL_FIELDS

v1.1.2 (2016/02/08)

v1.1.1 (2015/10/01)

  • Fixed a regression in the 1.1 release that prevented the rendering of the admin view with constance values when using the context processor at the same time.

v1.1 (2015/09/24)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Dropped support for Python 2.6 The supported versions are 2.7, 3.3 (on Django < 1.9) and 3.4.
  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Dropped support for Django 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 The supported versions are 1.7, 1.8 and the upcoming 1.9 release
  • Added compatibility to Django 1.8 and 1.9.
  • Added Spanish and Chinese (zh_CN) translations.
  • Added override_config decorator/context manager for easy testing.
  • Added the ability to use linebreaks in config value help texts.
  • Various testing fixes.

v1.0.1 (2015/01/07)

  • Fixed issue with import time side effect on Django >= 1.7.

v1.0 (2014/12/04)

  • Added docs and set up Read The Docs project:

  • Set up Transifex project for easier translations:

  • Added autofill feature for the database backend cache which is enabled by default.

  • Added Django>=1.7 migrations and moved South migrations to own folder. Please upgrade to South>=1.0 to use the new South migration location.

    For Django 1.7 users that means running the following to fake the migration: migrate database --fake
  • Added consistency check when saving config values in the admin to prevent accidentally overwriting other users’ changes.

  • Fixed issue with South migration that would break on MySQL.

  • Fix compatibility with Django 1.6 and 1.7 and current master (to be 1.8).

  • Fixed clearing database cache en masse by applying prefix correctly.

  • Fixed a few translation related issues.

  • Switched to tox as test script.

  • Fixed a few minor cosmetic frontend issues (e.g. padding in admin table header).

  • Deprecated a few old settings:

    deprecated replacement
  • The undocumented feature to use an environment variable called CONSTANCE_SETTINGS_MODULE to define which module to load settings from has been removed.

v0.6 (2013/04/12)

  • Added Python 3 support. Supported versions: 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3. For Python 3.x the use of Django > 1.5.x is required.
  • Fixed a serious issue with ordering in the admin when using the database backend. Thanks, Bouke Haarsma.
  • Switch to django-discover-runner as test runner to be able to run on Python 3.
  • Fixed an issue with refering to static files in the admin interface when using Django < 1.4.

v0.5 (2013/03/02)

  • Fixed compatibility with Django 1.5’s swappable model backends.

  • Converted the key field of the database backend to use a CharField with uniqueness instead of just TextField.

    For South users we provide a migration for that change. First you have to “fake” the initial migration we’ve also added to this release: migrate database --fake 0001

    After that you can run the rest of the migrations: migrate database
  • Fixed compatibility with Django>1.4’s way of refering to static files in the admin.

  • Added ability to add custom authorization checks via the new CONSTANCE_SUPERUSER_ONLY setting.

  • Added Polish translation. Thanks, Janusz Harkot.

  • Allow CONSTANCE_REDIS_CONNECTION being an URL instead of a dict.

  • Added CONSTANCE_DATABASE_PREFIX setting allow setting a key prefix.

  • Switched test runner to use django-nose.